Scotchgard Carpet and Upholstery Protector is a water-based Teflon protector. It will provide superb protection for your carpets & fabrics until the next time you have them cleaned.
Scotchguard protector is usually applied following a deep professional cleaning. It coats up each and every fibre with an invisible UV resistant shield, repelling oil- and water-based stains. When an accidental spillage occurs, the liquid beads up and remain on the surface rather than soaking in. This gives you time to react and prevent stains from setting in.
Simply sprayed on, your carpet or upholstery has an invisible protective barrier. Repelling and blocking whatever life has to throw at it, meaning it can look newer for longer. Scotchgard Protector is also one of the most used carpet cleaning products in professional carpet cleaning.
When the inevitable accidents occur you can easily mop up spillages preventing stains from permanently setting in. It also makes a breeze of vacuum cleaning with grit and fine dust being readily vacuumed away, which will have otherwise abraded against the fibres and so shorten the carpet or fabric life.
Extra protection for your furnishings.
Free on-site consultations.
Extends the life of your carpets and sofas.
Repels oil and water-based liquids.

Comprehensive Insurance

Public Liability Insurance – £5,000,000. Employers Liability Insurance – £10,000,000

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