We have a tried and tested method when it comes to stone floor cleaning in London. It achieves exceptional results with only a quarter of the effort compared to traditional stone restoration methods.
Using our specialist deep cleaning process we can remove ingrained dirt, old layers of polish, sealers and the build-up of maintenance products that will not be removed even by regular mopping.
We are able to offer cleaning, sealing, re-finishing and full restoration of your natural stones floors, walls, kitchen worktops, tables & vanity tops. We are absolutely passionate about renovating stone surfaces and putting the smile back on our customer’s faces. Our restoration system will greatly enhance the look of your place of business.
When we clean and restore your floor to a high-quality finish, we will leave you with a written out maintenance program and will teach you how to maintain a restored appearance on a regular basis so that your floor looks and feels its best all year round.
Visibly incredible results.
Free on-site consultations.
We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on stone floor cleaning.
Latest industrial grade equipment and detergents used.

Comprehensive Insurance

Public Liability Insurance – £5,000,000. Employers Liability Insurance – £10,000,000

Quality focused with ISO 9001 accreditation

With a continuous effort to deliver a great customer experience, we have achieved ISO 9001 accreditation

Fair Price

We understand the need to be competitively priced, no more so than in the current economic climate.