Deep cleaning vinyl floor is essential to remove the accumulation of soiling and bacteria that gets trapped and clings to particles on the floor surface.
Regular deep cleaning of safety, vinyl flooring with a machine is essential to remove the accumulation of dirt, soiling and bacteria which gets trapped and clings to the particles in the floor surface leaving the floors looking dirty even after mopping.
Our professional floor cleaning method employs emulsification, agitation, low-pressure cleaning, and effective capture of the waste or slurry. This enables us to clean and capture the dirt, grime and bacteria in one smooth operation.
Our deep cleaning method is perfectly suited for vinyl floor cleaning and Altro floor cleaning. With our floor restoration, we enhance the performance and appearance of even the most heavily soiled floors.
Visibly incredible results.
Free on-site consultations.
We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on marble floor cleaning.
Latest industrial grade equipment and detergents used.

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Public Liability Insurance – £5,000,000. Employers Liability Insurance – £10,000,000

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