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Gleeds launches new dispute division for Covid claims

This is interesting to see one of the major consultancy firms, Gleeds, launching a new dispute advisory business to deal with an anticipated surge in contract rows in the wake of the pandemic.

As a builder’s clean contractor, Royal Clean have been able to fulfil our contracts and work with the restrictions during the lockdown. We are fortunate that we are last through the door but of course we often encounter our fair share of sites where other subcontractors are still racing to finish even on the planned day of practical completion and handover! We appreciate that many principal contractors and other subcontractors would have struggled with delays and missing programme dates during the pandemic, which unfortunately means plenty of commercial meetings to resolve who pays and who is liable ultimately.

Gleed’s new International Dispute Advisory Group is made up of a collection of specialist arbitrators, mediators, adjudicators, and expert witnesses. Its services will include dispute avoidance, dispute resolution, schedule and quantum analyses, strategic procurement and contract advice.

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